Thursday, February 13, 2014

LINK-O-RAMA! Get Your Hamptons Beach Passes Right Now!

The Hottest ticket avoid-er around!
I recently mentioned to a friend that I had posted all the links to get East Hampton Village, EH Town, Southampton Village and SH Town beach permits.   "Where did you post it?"   In my latest blog!  "I didn't see that and I read it!"  After interrogating said friend with a "True or False" quiz about Hamptons Chatter, I knew they were telling the truth!   But apparently this person along with everybody else never scrolled down to the bottom of the page.   Sheesh, ( singing "or by a comma when the feeling is not as strong!") You people are l-a-z-y!   So here they are again in all their internet glory.  By the way, a little bird told me they've already sold about 1/3 (1000 of the approximate 3000) of the permits!!!!This is getting insane. It's only February and we have a foot of snow on the ground!    Anyway, happy thoughts...I've also included a few links to some recent articles about the Hamptons markets!  Happy Permitting all!

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