Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The future home of Home Goods in Wainscott.
In case you haven't been paying attention, there's been a lot of complaining about the new Home Goods Store currently under construction in Wainscott.    The building has been criticized for everything from being too close to the road to out of character for the Hamptons!   Really people?  Really?   It has cedar shingles, dormers and is no bigger than some guest cottages here on the east end.  It's also alot better looking than the old Plitt Ford car dealership.  So why all the fuss?!!!  Well I guess some people here in the Hamptons have nothing else better to do.  So, that's I'm here to put some of these Debbie and Donald Downers in line.   Besides, if you people stop the new Home Goods from coming to town, where else will I be able to buy an irregular coffee table, brand new Patrick Nagel prints or discontinued Isaac Mizrahi soap dishes?   In fact, there are bigger ugly fish to fry.  So, how about doing something with these local eyesores? 

Located at the Hamptons Jitney stop in Wainscott, these cement benches are part of the welcome gate to some of the most expensive real estate in the country.    But admit it, you too thought they look like someone plucked them straight out of Pinelawn.  There is nothing attractive about these benches.   How about some Adirondack Chairs or perhaps a nice rope hammock? Those would be more Hamptons and you won't need a Mary grotto to make it look complete!

A yabba dabba don't!
It's dusty, it's rocky and it looks more like the gateway to Bedrock than the Hamptons!   Hello why can't they make the quarry of Southampton Masonry more attractive!?   Yes, it's a quarry but there is no reason they can't plant some nice shrubs or something.  I mean,  use your imagination people!   Hire a talented landscaper and put some flair back on route 27.   Since it's a rock pit and already looks like a home for a prehistoric family, why not add a Bedrock/Flintstones theme?!  Stop by the place in Southampton with all the dinosaurs out front.   I personally would love to see some Dino or Fred topiary!   It could be the year round Pumpkintown for Wainscott.   Besides, selling $20 juice boxes and souvenir photos with Fred and Wilma could be very profitable.  

Holy creepazoids Batman, how come nobody is complaining about this seasoned greeting in Wainscott? Is it the pale complexion? Is it the beady eyes or the gaping open mouth that I find so odd?   I'm frightened every time I drive by!   This Santa looks like he's an advertisement for Jerry Sandusky's Christmas Kayaking adventure Camp.   I have nothing against Main Beach surf shop, Kayaks or even Santa but that mannequin is scarier than H-E-Double hockey sticks!!   There has to be a friendlier looking figure to go into this boat ? What about a real guy in Santa outfit or simplify with some holiday lights on a kayak without anybody on board?

Let's hide behind the chainsaws!
You know that commercial for Geico on the air now?  It's a group of teenagers running away from a Freddy Kruger kind of character and they make a "bad decision" and run into a creepy barn with chainsaws everywhere... well they filmed that here.   Yes, the former Star Room and Swamp location is scarier now than it was when it was littered with self entitled 20-somethings driving their Ferrari's and Lamborgini's and sipping $1000 bottles of D.P. at their reserved tables.   I'm not sure why this building hasn't sold yet.... all it needs is some paint and a bulldozer!    Hey, what ever happened to CVS going in there anyway?
Finally, there is "Home Sweet Home Moving and Storage."   It's a good moving company and in fact, I recommend them to clients frequently.  But address the elephant in the room.  There is NOTHING "homey" or "sweet" about corrugated tin buildings.    Perhaps if they did a big needle point on the side of the building it would seem a lot more home sweet home like.  Think the old logo for the game show "Family Feud" being placed on the side of the building.

Time to wrap this up.  Other than the simple fear of an unintended drive through, the building is attractive and done by a group of professionals who in my opinion did a good job of keeping within the area's aesthetic.    The business will bring jobs to the area and help a lot of residents pull a home together on a tight budget.    Let's not waste our breath complaining about what is essentially a nice building that will help the community while there are empty shelves at the food pantries and actual homeless folks on the street!  Happy Holidays and remember you are lucky and blessed you live in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Friday, November 7, 2014


The best pot pie ever!
Ginormous salads!
So, a quick blog post is better than no blog post at all (at least according to me).   After being a sushi restaurant with financing by Wells Fargo, SHUKU the Highway Diner has reopened.   In the first restaurant opening of the season, they did it quietly but carried a big culinary stick!     While I don't have many of the details on the chefs and owners etc., I can tell you the staff seemed to be experienced and ready to take on the task of breaking the curse of the tank!     So what did we have?  A chicken pot pie which is quite possibly the best one I ever tasted!!!!   My of my dinner companions had freshly made pasta where they said they can "actually taste the difference."  I started with a Caesar salad that could have been a meal itself.    Also gone is the sterile cold interior that had diners sitting on edge as every new customer walked in the door.  Now, the old diner's food wasn't bad but I think the management and staff were in over their heads.  My favorite or least favorite experince I should say was when they ran out of bagels for breakfast at $10 a pop.  HELLO, THERE IS A BAGEL STORE TWO DOORS DOWN!    Anyway, for a first night the Highway Diner was a hit with me and everyone else at the table!   I think it has what it takes... good food ... good service....a full bar and good prices!
Home made pastas!

It's about time to have some good restaurants in the Hamptons.  Meanwhile, Nichol's is really shuttered for renovations and who knows if it will ever return.  Meanwhile, I'm doing a death watch on about 3 different restaurants on the east end.  More on that coming soon, I promise!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

SNEAK PEEK! The Hamptons Film Festival Kicks Off Tonight!

The Hamptons Film Festival kicks off tonight with what everyone is touting as Bill Murray's next Academy Award nomination, "St. Vincent."  The festival runs through the weekend and will bring a slew of A-list actors to town including Murray, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Richard Gere and Laura Dern.   Recently, I sat down with the festival's creative director David Nugent to discuss what we can expect and why it's still not too late to get tickets! 

Meanwhile, if you're curious the trailer to "St. Vincent."