Monday, November 18, 2013

Madison and Main gets ready to split… and The Foot Fetish in the Hamptons!

Times are apparently tough for many restaurants on the east end.   Depending on who you ask the off season crowds are not what they used to be and that could be why we recently saw the departure of
Foody's says goodbye!
Foody's in Water Mill and imminent change at Madison and Main.   The former shuttered it's doors with a big blow out Sunday night.  While Madison and Main which seemed to be doing steady business is changing to what my sources claim will be a brick oven "pizza and pasta restaurant."    The building on Sag Harbor's main street was recently sold and the new landlord apparently got an even better deal with an "up island italian restaurant."   I don't know if these whispers are true but that's the rumor heading around town.   So can rumors like this be trusted?  Well, someone once told me "if you walk and pass wind on one end of main street in Sag Harbor, it's already being discussed at the opposite end of town before you get there."  So true!

The new… what would you call this anyway?
In the meantime, what is the biggest trend in the Hamptons these days?  Is it a new designer?   Is it a hot new developer? No and no… it's actually foot massage places.   The success of Happy Feet in Sag Harbor is apparently sprouting a cottage industry on the east end.    There's already one in Southampton and now East Hampton is getting one across the street from Chase Bank on The Circle.    According to workmen in the location, the new… what would you call this anyway….. foot massage place will be opening sometime in the next month.    I guess it's the $35 price tag for an hour of pampering that caused this place to be a hot ticket.    By the way, if you ever see me there run the other direction.  I have a tendency to pass out and snore when getting my happy feet!  

Meanwhile, what's going on at the former home of Well Nest?    The sign said, see you in the spring of '13… then see you in the spring of '14…. and now the sign says available for rent!?   I hope Well Nest comes back somewhere!  It was a great store and a cool concept.   Just please not another real estate office or bank in that location. 

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