Monday, July 22, 2013

Your Real Estate Agent Isn't as Important as You Thought! Plus, a FRESH success in Bridgehampton.

My friend, agent and former co-manager Tom MacNiven likes to quote George McGovern who  proclaimed: "the longer the title the less important the job. "   Somehow, I always knew they were both right.   

Well, now  when it comes to the real estate sharks swimming the waters of the Hamptons, (and the entire state) the State of New York agrees! At the end of this month licensed New York State agents
will no longer be able to display those cheesy fabricated self-anointed monikers that do nothing but take up space on business cards and email signatures.   So, sadly I have now abdicated my crown and will no longer be known as Patrick Mclaughlin, Senior Czar of Hamptons House Hunting and Associate Broker.  Soon, there will be no more Semi-Senior Co-Directors of Whichamacallit or Executive Vice Presidents of the Supply Closets.    I'm happy with this, as long as nobody can one up me!!  

Now, there are only two designations are acceptable:  LSA: Licensed Sales Associate and LBA: Licensed Broker Associate.   The latter requires a little more experience and sales transactions but it is NOT an MBA or even a certificate from University of Pheonix.   If you ain't one, you gotta be the other.   I've also just been informed that at the end of this month I must "surrender" my old, titled business cards.    So, if I can't have a title can I have a raise?   

Well the big review is in and Fresh in Bridgehampton must be breathing a big sigh of relief or at least doing a small dance of celebration.  Scoring a "VERY GOOD" review, Fresh has managed what very
few have managed to do;  create a restaurant with good food and good service that won't break the bank.   I think it's everything the former home of "Southfork Kitchen," would have loved to accomplish.   It's just a shame that the old owner was too busy blogging instead of watching the restaurant.  Blogging is such a waste!! 

In fact, The New York Times said, "Fresh is an exciting restaurant with innovative portion options and creative, good-for-you food that is also delicious."   So good for them and when they're done if they could give some cooking lessons to the folks at a few restaurants out here, the world would be a better place! 


Patrick Mclaughlin said...

OOOPS. I worte Youre instead of your. I mean I wroute You're insteed of your. I mean Instead. UGH! wrote!

Maria Johns said...

The first thing to do, when preparing to letting agent in Wolverhampton, is to change your mindset regarding the process. If you think of your home as a "home", then chances are that you will find it difficult to sell it. To successfully sell a house, you need to think of it as a commodity and sever all emotional connections with it.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be able to continue blogging without the help of your Vice- president of spelling and punctuation?

Cherie said...