Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

First off, I admit sometimes this blog is written with type-o's, spelling and grammatical errors.   WHY?   Because I'm not perfect and I don't have a copy editor.  It's just little old me.   I also have a full time job, in case you didn't know.   So if you get offended by this sort of thing read something else or lighten up.  Besides, I took the money for spelling lessons my mother gave me and bought an Atari!

Now One of the questions I get asked most often from owners is, "would it be ok if I stayed during the showing?"     Well today, I'm addressing that very topic in a glorious color!  

Meanwhile... did you know there is a Vilebrequin Shop in East Hampton?  Me either!   While I generally
don't go meandering around East Hampton Village.  I did the other day and stumbled upon the place.    It's located in that little ally to the right behind Citta Nuova.    I'm so relieved.   Now I don't have to travel to St. Barth's or Southampton to shop for overpriced swimwear!! Yeah!

Finally, a quick question.  Has anyone EVER read a negative restaurant review in that "local publication? "  Seriously.  I'm asking.

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