Friday, April 23, 2010

What a beautiful world!!! And is stand up comedy really a good training ground for REAL ESTATE!?

While driving in the pouring rain yesterday I saw a really wonderful site. A sale sign with "In Contract" on it! Yes the Hamptons market really is back! Ok, there was a slightly more beautiful sight yesterday. I was driving along Brick Kiln Rd. when I saw this truly remarkable rainbow! I know it sounds like I'm about to start talking about Care Bears but look at the picture!! It's pretty spectacular, right!? I'm a decent photog but know know this picture does no justice to how spectacular this really was.

On another note, I received a rather puzzling announcement in my e mail from one of my competitors this morning. Apparently one should tout being a fashion model and a stand up comic when becoming a new agent in the Hamptons!! Fashion model!!!? I guess it doesn't hurt! I mean nobody wants to work with Quasimodo, right? I personally loved the animated Hunchback! Wait, I'm getting off track! Damn, I should load some of my old photos on the company site, although I'm not very funny. I'm just hoping I can announce soon that RuPaul will soon be an agent! SUPERMODEL-SUPER AGENT!

Finally, my pearl of wisdom for the day. Friends don't let friends go on facebook after a martini!!!

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