Friday, February 12, 2010

Another blog about buidings, dogs and people!

I'm surprised more people dont know about the SPRINGS DOG PARK but given how the town is slowly trying to keep the fidos off the beach, I have a feeling more and more folks will start discovering it. Well maybe not today, given all of the snow we have.

The park is an open 42-acre former nursery, in which vehicles are prohibited, comprises about half the park. It is reached by a long driveway from Three Mile Harbor Road. It's right past Squaw Rd on your right as you're heading away from town.

You would think everyone loves a place where man's best friend is allowed to frolic freely, but then again you have to remember this is East Hampton. Some of the neighbors are a bit cranky about the whole situation, including Councilman Brad Loewan who recently was quoted, “The majority of people in my community . . . feel excluded due to discomfort with dogs, fear, or whatever their reasons may be,” he said, vowing to make good on a campaign promise “to regain the park for everyone.”
Ummmm... Brad, there's like 50 other parks out here where there are no dogs. Lighten up!

But thank god for a voice of reason Town Councilwoman Pat Mansir rebutted Mr. Loewen’s comments. “I think you’ve got one hell of a nerve,” she told him. “This is one park in this town that people use it and love it. We’re trying to make this park accessible to people.... who want to go down there whether they have a dog or not.”

Anyway, I love this park , I love the dogs there and it's really one of the unique spaces that make the Hamptons special. When you're there... make sure you walk to the end and check out the dog log. This was originally on the beach and owners would carve there dogs names into it. A few years ago, somebody brought the log to the park and there it stays!! Cool huh?

My Hamptons/Metropolitan diary observation of this week was at the Hampton Boooks store in East Hampton. A very smartly dressed man took a copy of Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue" and placed it in the "FICTION" section. If you have a diary moment... send it to me, I'd be happy to report.

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