Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's a McDeja Vu. The good, the bad and the muddy of Hamptons Java!

OK, it's really snowy and I'm home bound... so that means I'm doing some heavy duty boredom surfing. Once story I came across gave me a serious blast from the past. Suing McDonalds because the coffee was hot!!?!!? HELLO, didn't you read the side of the cup? Well apparently one woman in Oregon didn't. She has sued her local McDonald's after spilling hot coffee from the drive-thru window on herself. She claims that the coffee was too hot and the lid loose, and now wants $7,500 in damages. Maybe she needs to start ordering iced coffee!

Oh it gets better. This McMoron is claiming she went into "nervous shock," endured pain and has scarring. She seeks $7,182 for her pain and suffering, plus another $318 for lost wages and medical expenses. What ever happened to personal responsibility?!?! But more importantly, why would anyone order McDonalds coffee?!!?! It sucks!!! French fries, burgers or even ice cream... fine... but coffee?!!!? EWWWWW.


So this got me thinking, I want to spill= the beans on coffee in the Hamptons! Who has the best and worst JOE in town!!? I'm not going to discuss price because a good cup of coffee is priceless to me!!

Well we have to mention STARBUCKS first. It is what it is.... bold, smooth, hot and a generally decent cup of coffee.

The next big dog in town is THE GOLDEN PEAR. Now, I know I'm not a coffee purist I actually love their French Roast and Hazelnut. It's hot.... fresh... and smooth. It's my favorite in town!

The HAMPTON COFFEE COMPANY is a great cup when it comes to their house blend. Smooth and bold without being overwhelming.

Now it's time to sling some mud! McDonalds, Hamptons Market and Bridgehampton Deli... the homes to some of the worst coffee in the Hamptons. My complaint on all three is it's bitter. Also when it comes to H Market, the coffee is often old an cold. Skip it if you can!

Finally, Java Nation in Sag Harbor. Now, I know some people love it but their brew could be used to remove barnacles from Shelter Island Ferry. It's strong!!! Yes, they roast their own beans and people say the stuff is awesome but I find it taste like a big cup of burnt toast. Now that's my two cents on Hamptons Java!!! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

O.k, I have to admit that the iced coffee at McD's is not the worst coffee I've ever had and will do in a pinch when I'm on the road. Driving from Palm Beach to Naples, that's all there is.
BUT....I will also admit to flavoring up my iced coffee with a little sugar-free vanilla syrup and the syrups at McD's are the worst kind of awful there is. I'd say it was like putting cough syrup in my coffee, but that's insulting cough syrup.
Going to the Palm Beach Polo match this weekend. Will report back on the quality of the coffee there :-)

Patrick McLaughlin said...

I love reporting from Polo matches!!!

Anonymous said...

So, not a drop of coffee to be found at the polo match today, but plenty of pretty girls practically pouring Grey Goose down the throats of spectators. Perhaps an unfortunate choice given the utlra-tragic accident involving International Polo Club owner John Goodman, his Bentley and a 23 year old recent college grad returning home to Wellington for his sister's birthday.

Yes, alcohol and drugs are suspected. Goodman fled the scene after he ran a stop sign sending Scott Wilson's Hyundai into a nearby canal. The kid died when his car submerged.

As you can imagine, tongues were wagging at the match today (when they weren't lapping up the Grey Goose)

There crowd observed a moment of silence for the Goodman family and the Wilson family.