Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Doggone it!!! I'll soon let you know if piping plover really do taste like chicken!!!

While walking along the beach with my beloved dog Boo, I discoverd the following sign on what I long believed to be one of the friendliest dog beaches around!! NO DOGS! So, what's up with this? Well it's due to none other than the wonderful piping plover of lore!! Apparently they've chosen to nest on the beach between Indian Wells and Two Mile Hollow. Let me be honest, one of the only reasons I agreed to move and buy a house here is because I love to take Boo for long walks on the beach. This has now gone too far and I understand the frustration of when they cancelled the fireworks because of the birds! Did they have to fence off the whole beach?! Well just know Boo and I will still continue to stroll the beach but on the surf line. There are no signs and no fences there!! But have no fear.. not all of the Hamptons are unfriendly to man's best buddy!

My favorite numero uno place for pooches in the Hamptons is the Hampton Pet Club in Water Mill. Owner Jason Neimark and his entire staff will treat your pet like one of their own. The pet club offers dooggy day care, boarding and training sessions . The accomidations are wonderful, many of the dogs get their own "rooms" complete with beds and televisions... no cages here!! The doggy daycare is awesome, Jason regularly goes out and throws some toys around with the kids and they get some good runnning in. The dog yard does have it's draw backs though.... the POLITICS!!! Apparently dog clicks are no different than your high school. I'm disheartened though to say, my beloved girl gets along with everyone but she instead chooses to hang in the office with the staff, like one of those geeky kids who sharpened pencils and filed in the Principals office all day! MY DOG IS A GEEK! OH NO!!!

Finally, for food , toys and the occasional grooming.... go see Harbor Pets in Sag Harbor on Bay St. They've got the goodstuff there for your four legged companions both canine and feline. Merricks, EVO , Wellness and Science Diet are all available. The owner Alan (oops. don't know your last name) and his staff are friendly and helpful. They also have grooming services available by appointment. If you go in and tell them you read this blog...he'll even give you a FREE GIFT! SERIOUSLY! By the way... I had to put a picture of Boo in my blog!! HERE IT IS!!


Anonymous said...


You will be happy to know that the Plovers have met their match! Despite the best intentions of legions of hairy-legged granola munching college interns (that's just the females) working for the Nature Police installing fences, cages, ropes, signs and probably punji sticks on just about every inch of beach from Montauk to Shinnecock threatening felonious repercussion, the little birds lost in the end.

Who wiped out the Plovers? Was it the Vietnamese clammers? The Bonac Liberation Front? Jerry? Well.....nope!

The tide came up! Yupo, musta been Thursday night becuase when yours truly took his dogs to the beach on Friday morning for the usual Wainscott to Georgica sojourn (passing four separate "plover preserves") EVERYTHING has been washed out to sea. There was a poiece of fence here, a sign there but basically the tide had cleaned the beach of all nests and anything else that happened to be on it.

Who are they going to ticket...Mother Nature?

So....when are the fireworks?

Anonymous said...

Maybe those residing directly behind those Plovers could learn something from this. Big wave trumps all!