Friday, June 26, 2009

WEEKEND UPDATE... Thank goodness he's Chevy Chase and I'm not!!! And please don't quote "Man in the Mirror!" -MJ deserves better!

Well, what to do this weekend in the Hamptons on another weekend full of fun and lack of sun!! Oh I'm hoping I'm wrong!! We need some sun!! Other than watching CNN's wall to wall coverage on Michael Jackson (oh poor Farrah) or waiting for the excitement of Bernie Madoff's sentencing on Monday there are other options.

Well first off Matto in East Hampton is doing a post beach happy hour for the boys and girls from the lambda set! They've even gathered a few buff shirtless 20 somethings to parade around hoping to draw a crowd. I just love the idea of my friend Dan's uncle driving by with his 71 Ford pickup truck stopping in front of the IGA and wondering WTF is going on. Good times!!!

For a slightly more subdued time.... there is still the happy hour at the Lodge on Race Lane from 6-9pm. The crowd keeps growing . I'm totally curious what the crowd will be like if we finally have a Saturday night that doesn't rain!! I guess the crowd will disperse a bit and stop cat fighting and positioning for real estate under an umbrella.

Saturday night is also the night for the first "Live out Loud" pride in the Hamptons party. Featuring cocktails, Hors d'oeuvres and dancing. .The evening to benefit LIVE OUT LOUD, a Non-Profit organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering LGBT youth by connecting them with successful LGBT professionals in their Community. 6-8:30 on Saturday afternoon... for information on tickets, go to the website

Ooops... Kelsey Grammer isn't gay.. at least not that I know... his picture is related to the story below!!

The retreat also holds it's annual fundraiser "Artists against Abuse." The benefit will be held at The Ross School 18 Goodfriend Drive in East Hampton. The evening will feature cocktails, dancing and silent auction. Frasier Crane a.k.a. Kelsey Grammer will be the host of this years event along with Fox News' entertainment reporter Bill McCuddy. For details on tickets and the top secret after party go to for details.

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A. Alrura said...

Thank-god. Does the world really need another nebbishy gay?