Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An Über Bad Problem... Calling Der Kommissar!

One of my favorite apps in the world UBER is adding fuel to an already raging fire and has more than a few Hamptonite's lederhosen in bunches!   They've offering rides between NYC and the east end through a helicopter site called Blade.    These "UBER CHOPPER" rides are a flat rate of $2500 for a five seat chopper ride.  This is just another reason the battle for quiet skies is getting louder on the East End.  New helicopter routes and flying patterns are making life a thunderous hell for thousands of residents at all hours of the day and night in the Hamptons.   In fact, according to sources complaints about air traffic noise have tripled in just one year alone!

 That's why you're likely seeing some new bumper stickers around town declaring "HELICOPTERS SUCK - JUST SAY NO TO HTO."     A quick tutorial now, HTO is the FAA code for East Hampton Airport.     Anyway, In my assessment and I'm no expert, it's more than just a quality of life issue that has residents and officials concerned.   It's also simple economics effecting the housing markets and tax base.   I know I hear the argument, the helicopters help create jobs.   But a few pilots from Teterboro or Rockaway are not exactly a boom to local business.   The bottom line is hundreds of residents are filing for tax reductions due to the constant thunder resulting in an alleged decrease of property values.    So wait, let me see if I get this right ... a few pilot jobs in New Jersey versus a decreasing tax base here in the Hamptons?    Anyway, one way to help stop this register a complaint.   Go to the towns web site next time your house is being buzzed and you feel like you're living through you're own personal "Airport '75."   File a complaint here at the noise complaint website and have your voice heard (hopefully over the engine and blade noise).     

Activist against the airport noise are not trying to ban the traffic all together but rather limiting the hours of the facility.    Learn more from the Quiet Skies Coalition!    I mean really, LAX closes at 11 pm but East Hampton Airport stays open all night?!    A 24 Hour airport really?!   We don't even have a shoe repair, doggie daycare, good Mexican restaurant but we're the town that never sleeps according to the airport!   Besides everyone who saw Jaws 2 knows helicopters and beaches don't mix!

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