Thursday, May 9, 2013

What's wrong with Walbaums.... it's Fresh Direct to the Rescue... and since most locals never see it, a peek inside East Hampton's Baker House!

Soviet Grocery or Walbaum's check out line?
I often compare the Walbaums in East Hampton to a soviet era grocery store.  I've done it before and I'll do it again.    The selection is thin and it takes an hour in line to buy a loaf of bread.   Now, I don't blame the employees there for the chaos of this EH establishment.   They are for the most part an overworked and very friendly bunch.   The problem is the fact that on a typical day, there are two cashiers scheduled at the height of the rush hour along with those stupid automated self-checkouts that are rejects from Spacely's Sprockets!  OPEN THE POD DOOR DAMN IT! It's enough to make someone go postal!!    I'm not even going to mention the "wages of fear" parking lot!

I primarily do most of my dinner shopping at The Red Horse Market, which I love.  But they really don't have a great selection on things like paper towels and k-cups.    Thus I'm always running to in EH.   If only King Kullen were closer!  But soon I'll have an alternative.   According to their website, Fresh Direct will be firing up their Hamptons service next week.  So skip the lines... avoid the aggregation and spend more time on line reading this blog and ordering on line!!

I don't often like to admit this but I grew up going to the Jersey Shore.  But my Jersey Shore was not the one of Snookie and The Situation.    So when I get calls from friends who want to come visit the east end for the first time I have to explain there are no Hyatt's, Hiltons (well except Paris in SH sometimes) and W's.   Here in the Hamptons, the choices are fewer but that doesn't mean there aren't exceptional places to recommend.   Since most of you who read this have never been inside any of the resorts or B and B's out here (unless of course you love afternoon delight)  I've taken it upon myself to give you a little education and preview.   So you can feel confident telling your friends the perfect place to rest their heads after a day of sitting in traffic on 27.   My first preview is of East Hampton's Baker House 1650.   You can visit their website for rates and reservations and click below for a video preview starring yours truly!

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Anonymous said...

Peapod has been out here forever. The IGA in Amagansett is absolutely great, and closer than King Kullen. No one has to go to Waldbaum's.