Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three little bears, rentals and summer tales... and a few reminders for the tenants!!!

If only tenants were funny like John Candy!
While I don't consider Memorial Day Weekend the true D-day for summer rentals.  That day is of course the first Friday of August. It does sometimes get a bit hairy for everybody.  So how do I know? Well as we all know brokers and agents love to tell  war stories.  So, I've been collecting some tales while buying martinis or Malbacs.   Believe me it's worth it and the stories are quite entertaining. 

In vino or vodka veritas!   Although I've personally had nothing but smooth sailing with all of my landlords and tenants (Is my nose bigger?) this year, I'll be happy to share with you some of my favorite anecdotes ... so far... from the summer of 2013!

Now, this doesn't seem very comfy does it?

Yes,the traditional "tenant goes to the wrong house" I heard happened again this year.  Although unlike previous tales where there was a key indeed hidden in the fake rock by the side door, nobody actually moved into the wrong location!   Somebody ate my porridge .. slept in my bed and ordered something on my pay per view account!!!

Ah, that's nothing compared to what one agent told me.   Let's call this agent "Ted."  Well being the good agent he is Ted went to meet his tenants with a bottle of champagne (darn, there is a lot of drinking in the Hamptons) as they moved into their new summer rental.  Well when hewent to check on the house, not only did Goldilocks sleep in the bed she liked it so much she took it with her!  Yes, that's right.    Ted had bedlam because of not one but two missing beds.  Apparently the landlord had decided to throw out some saggy mattresses but forgot to replace them!   OOOPS!   Luckily tragedy was avoided since there are like 20 Sleepy's from Southampton to Amagansett. 

Finally, this is an oldie but a goodie.   Nobody decided to clean up after the bears left the cottage! The house keeper didn't show??!?  shocking!   OOOOPS AGAIN!   Luckily in this case the agent was a good sport and ran home to their house to get a vacuum cleaner and some clean sheets.  The crisis was averted and everyone lived happily ever after ...or at least until they got stuck in traffic on 27 Monday afternoon (I heard 4 hours E. Hampton to the city!).

Well last year, I did a little video for Elliman about what to expenses to anticipate for summer rentals.   It's on You Tube but didn't get posted anywhere for people to find it.  So, I am once again posting (with a little Hamptons Chatter Intro) this video reminder of what tenants should expect when they rent in the Hamptons.  Feel free to use this video my fellow agents but next time you're buying the drinks!

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