Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The biggest dangers in the Hamptons!!!

I'll start off by saying that I haven't been as dedicated as I should to my happy little blog but between the job, the indigestion and the house guests (#2 as a direct result of the other two) I haven't had as much time to sit down and hit the keys! So what's going on???

Well, I had an interesting conversation last week with a young lady who works in one of those walk in clinics we have here in the Hamptons. You know you've seen them and consider them your local town doctor. I've actually gone to one of them and to be honest and they saved me one nasty winter cold from becoming pneumonia. Anyway, what did I talk about with this young lady who I'll call "Coffee" because I want to protect her identity and because I'm typing this in the morning and enjoying a certain beverage. So I asked Coffee about what are the most common types of walk-in's she sees at the clinic... wait I can't call her Coffee anymore, let's call her "Ann"... I'm watching The Today Show. What did she say?????

The biggest problem and health issue for folks in the Hamptons is..... drum roll please... DADADADADADDADDDADADADA.... POISON IVY! Yes, folks the weekend gardeners may have their Martha Stewart gardening kits but they can't seem to identify this three leafed little gift of itch!! Ann told me she sees it all the time, amateur gardeners covered from head to toe with the cute little rash that makes life miserable. We all know what Poison Ivy looks like now don't we folks? Well I've included a photo of the plant here and leave you with this little ditty I learned as a child, "if it has leaves of three, let them be." I always follow that rule and it's kept me safe for years. It also saved me $15 dollars when I went to go see that Batman movie and saw it also starred Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy! Leaves of three I let that movie be!

So what's number 2!? Well if your thinking it has anything to do with the ocean or beach you're wrong. The number 2 most dangerous activity in the Hamptons is BICYCLING! No,

it's not peddlers getting hit by vehicles that is causing the problem, it's lack of coordination and lack of padding and helmets that is causing the problem! Yes, it's a right of summer when weekend warriors put on their spandex cycling shorts and hit the mean streets of the East End. I know it seems like a good thing to do, be in the great outdoors and exercising but there are a lot of pot holes and gravel out there folks. That seems to be the biggest problem! My advice to you for a safer summer? I have a saying for this too, "If it has wheels of two find one that don't moo (ve)." Yeah, go to a spin class and go outside on a hike later... and make sure to avoid the poison ivy! But be safe, besides I see the way most people drive out here... It's not pretty folks! Enjoy the rest of the holiday week!


Vanessa P said...

I know the rhyme, see the picture but put me in the woods and I still won't be able to tell you what plant is poison ivy.
As for the bicycle injuries, I'm not surprised. I've seen lots of people in the last week who don't seem to know how to pedal. Of course talking on the phone at the same time doesn't help.

Anonymous said...

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