Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jon plus 8... in the Hamptons they hate!!

I've been busy, now leave me alone! But I'm here blogging, ain't I!?!?!

You may have missed me... but things haven't changed much. I did get a big chuckle this morning when my friend John Pascarella who does his daily gossip blurb which he sends to my blackberry had this headline... "DISASTER! Jon Gosselin (Jon and Kate Plus 8) was nearly LAUGHED out of a swanky Hamptons event!" I love that!!! Apparently this reality star who has never heard of Rick Rockwell or Darva Conger... if you haven't either "google"... is taking himself a bit too seriously! Not looking to win any father of the year contests (his kids are hanging in PA), he was cruising at Polo this weekend in Bridgehampton and apparently got heckled for wearing cheap clothes! Funny when it happens to him... obnoxious when it happens to me!!! Anyway, I poked around and got another scoop, Mr. Gosselin was shocked when he asked a group of folks if they wanted to have their picture taken with them, when they asked "WHY?" he did a quick bee-line to the other side of the tent. Curious about Jon's outfit.. which doesn't look that awful; go to

They made fun of that?!?! If you think that's bad go search out the photos of the centenarian hippies boogeying at that fun fest known as the "Bay Street Gala." To quote Rodney Dangerfield, they all "must have been something before electricity!"

Finally, some fun photos. Gerry Logue and Sean Cassidy ... no relation to David ... held there annual "Cocktails by the Bay" at their waterfront home in Sag Harbor benefiting Miracle House ( Check out the photos below. It was really a special event on a beautiful night. My only regret... I didn't get my photo taken with Joan Allen... A REAL CELEBRITY!

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