Thursday, June 11, 2009

We're s - h - o - p - p- ing...we're shopping!!

So, with so many expensive mc-couture stores coming to the Hamptons, it's great to see some quality merchandise that's beautiful and unique. Echoing the artisan boutiques and galleries of a day long gone by... say back in the mid 90's.. Sag Harbor is now home to Adornments Fine Jewelry. (Thank god for spell check you don't want to know how I badly I misspelled jewelry). Owner Joseph Maio who worked as a marketing director for a major design firm has brought his expertise into a chic and cool shop featuring the works of designers such as Gurhan, Lauren K. and Margot Morrison. Joe also has designer bags that are totally cutting edge and aren't ripped off and sold off of a card table on the corner of 57th and Madison or a Hong Kong market. Take the time... go see Joe.. the store itself is beautiful but don't be intimidated.. the prices are right and much of his wears are truly works of art. Adornments is located at 83 Main St., Sag Harbor 725-0051.

In the meantime some good real estate news....NOT... that adorable little cottage on Highland Terrace better known as the 2006 Designer showcase house is back on the market at a new improved price of $16,950,000! Let the foreclosure jokes begin!!! The house which was at one point $24 Million and then $12 million is for now some reason at it's new 2009 price. So what do you get for this bargain price... you get the ability to finish it yourself!!! Consider it a do it yourself kit... kind of a Sears and Roebuck house for the new millennium. Personally I would think for that kind of money SOMEBODY... could take a trip to home depot and put in some of the missing door knobs and light switches!! Hey, Ikea sells this stuff too.... HELLO! $16 Million dollars... call me picky! Personally, for the money I find these home kits a little bit more desirable!!
Well are there other foreclosures south of the highway that are finished? I actually know of a few... get in touch and I'll fill you in.

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