Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Hamptons... We're Not as Expensive as You Think!

One of the biggest complaints I hear about the Hamptons is that it's "expensive."   While it's a valid complaint when you consider things like the "lobster salad" at Loaves and Fishes (Loans and Finances) with it's hefty $80+/lb price tag, for the most part we're not that much different than any other seasonal beach resort.   I'm here to make you feel HAPPY about living on the East End.  Things are expensive in nearly all resort towns and here are that stats to prove it.    Just know I didn't pick any crazy overpriced outlets, this is a legit comparison.  It's very scientific statistical analysis too and I should know, I took Stats #202 twice!

Beach Picnic w/ Lobster:
Seafood Shop - Wainscott    $45/person  -  includes lobster, some corn and a few other sides.   
Clam Bake to Go - Martha's Vineyard MA. $38/Person - includes lobster , some corn and a few other sides.

Now, that isn't too crazy a difference is it?!  But then again, we're not comparing this to say Seaside Heights NJ.  I mean, let's not go overboard!

Sam's Pizza.... pizzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa.
Sam's Restaurant - East Hampton - $20.50 for a 16" pepperoni pizza.
Panzone's Pizza - Beach Haven, LBI - NJ - $19.90 for a 16" peperoni pizza.

I could have done a comparison here of say Little Caesar's... but once again pizza-pizza should be compared to pizza-pizza.   Sam's only serves pizza.  I'm really trying to keep this comparison fair.

Oceanfront Home:
5 Bedroom Oceanfront Home with pool - Longport NJ - $6,595,000 asking price over 5000 s/f
5 Bedroom Oceanfront Home with pool - Southampton (Meadow Lane) -$28,000,000 asking price for over 5000 s/f

Killing property values???
Ok, so when it comes to everything but housing, the Hamptons are a bargain.  As long as you don't go anywhere too nice, or too expensive and don't need a place to live!   We're just like everyone else!  We're just like small town America, except we have Tiffany, a zillion Ralph Lauren stores, Saint Ambrose and Gwyneth Paltrow.    All we need now is a Wal-Mart!

Finally it's the home stretch folks, a few days left till Tumbleweed Tuesday.  But guess what I'm already searching for 2014 seasonal rentals.  Seriously!     


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Anonymous said...

Lobster from the fish market: >$10/lb. While you can live a normal life in the Hamptons, the problem many people have is that the culture here celebrates the expensive bullshit like L&F's lobster salad. Which is unappealing.