Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time and Again ... I'll be back.

Sorry, it's been a rough couple weeks... ok, two months.   After 10 years, I lost my girl Boo.   It's not that I did any soul searching ... well maybe just a little.. but I just didn't feel like blogging or trying to be funny.  There of course have been good times in between now and then.   I tied the knot with my partner of 22 years and adopted a new rescue dog who you'll meet named Bella.   These are the things that kept me sane and from sobbing every day.

 This is Boo above and I miss her every day.  But to paraphrase Dr. Seuss, "don't cry for what you lost, smile for what you had."    I'm finally doing that.   Anyway, HAMPTONS CHATTER is not disappearing for good but took a much needed break.   Look for a new postings soon.    I hope you'll be there.   P.

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