Monday, January 2, 2012

Round like a circle in a spiral.. the windmill of Sag Harbor!

After some recent windy weather, the windmill blades have come apart on the Sag Harbor landmark. Just as East Hampton is revealing their new 2.0 windmill on Pantigo Rd.

The Sag village is spending $8700 for the current repairs but that's not enough to cover the current needs let alone the floors that were damaged in recent flood. According to some the total repairs will over $10,000 to get the landmark into better shape. Meanwhile, the village which is a little strapped for cash is open to fundraising ideas to help save the windmill.

There is talk for a “Save the Windmill” fundraiser modeled after the restoration of the movie theatre neon sign. Like the whale and the movie sign, plenty of local residents feel the windmill is the symbol of Sag Harbor.

If anyone has ideas on how to help save the SAG HARBOR WINDMILL, don't hesitate to contact the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. You can do your part in helping Sag Harbor continue to be the cool place that Curbed

readers think is one of "the" best spots in the Hamptons!

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