Thursday, October 28, 2010

The most awesome looking tree in the Hamptons!

I've been living out east now full time for about 8 years. One of the sights I see during the month of October on my way to the office is this tree. It's located on Brick Kiln Road, right off of Scuttle Hole. Now, I know it seems silly but this tree just has me in awe! It's the color. It's the shape. I mean if you were to draw a picture of the idea tree in the fall, THIS WOULD BE THE TREE! I know I'm going on and on over something rather mundane but look carefully. I'm right! Isn't this tree amazing!

Just a little note to friends of mine who sware the Sag Harbor Halloween Parade and Pumpkin trail are this Saturday... You're wrong. The "Rag A Muffin" parade starts at 11 o'clock followed by thousands of little sugar jacked beggers following the "Pumpkin Trail" at stores and businesses all over town requesting free candy. Just a little note, there is an epidemic of obesity in America, so this year I'm giving out carrot sticks. They're delicious, healthy and the kids love them!!! Happy Halloween All!

By the way, the costumes that you don't want to be wearing this year include... LADY GA GA, ANYBODY FROM "AVATAR", STEPHEN SLATER OF JET BLUE FAME OR A CHILEAN MINER! All of these are hackneyed and overdone. Think of something original... be more like my dog Boo. Superdog! Im so shocked she's never bitten me!

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Jennifer and Austin said...

RE: The most awesome looking tree in the Hamptons...We TOTALLY agree! A few years ago we worked on a project on Fair Hills Lane (just off Brick Kiln), and we drove past that tree all the time...It's a beauty any time of the year, but in the fall, it is just stunning. Best tree in the Hamptons, hands down :)