Friday, June 18, 2010

It's a war out there!!!

As the days slowly inch closer and closer to the July 4th Weekend, I'm more aware of the fact that parking in the villages of the east end is on par with with the city. Although in Sag Harbor for example, there is no alternate side of the street parking there is something far more heinous and sinister, THE TWO HOUR TIME LIMIT!! About a month ago I actually got a ticket in East Hampton for not displaying that stupid ticket they give you clearly on my dash board. But don't think you can use pathos on the brownies in any of the towns, these kids are hard as nails. In fact, one in East Hampton told me to call him Sir! I responded, I would call him "Sir" after he graduated 8th grade. Hey, he wrote me a $50 ticket, I was allowed to be nasty.

But I do know these kids get a ton of grief through the season. I see the owners of the expensive cars bickering, yelling and even screaming at these kids! Relax people they're just doing their jobs! So what's my point of this blog??? I'm just saying can't we all play nice in the sandbox?! Guys, don't write me a ticket because the validation card is too far up on my dashboard and I'll be nice when I rightfully deserve a ticket. In Sag Harbor, I will obey the two hour limit in village spaces and I will respectfully pay my ticket if I have two chalk marks on the tires.

Meanwhile, excitement and glamour came to Main St. Sag Harbor this week as Macy's decided to do a fashion shoot. Nothing says style and value to me more than two young ones necking on a Vespa. In fact, I'm going to buy some Macy's clothing sit on a bike and see what happens. Will I look as glamorous too!? WAaaaiiiiit! She has a chalk mark on her tires!!! Very unglamorous!

Meanwhile what to do??? This Saturday is the LIVE OUT LOUD EVENT. This is for a great cause and is at a beautiful private home on the water. Drinks, Hors Deouvres and Dancing! Tickets are $85.00 in advance and $100 at the door and open at 6:00pm. For more information, visit

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