Monday, June 7, 2010

Cutchogue is NOT in the Hamptons folks!

Sorry, yes again that I haven't blogged in a while, but I was actually busy with guests, guests, guests and work. Thank god things are better and things are moving again on the East End, I mean real estate not my guests... they're all lazy as hell!

So, back when I wasn't busy my friend Denise sent me an e mail to be an extra on the TV show "Royal Pains." You know the one on USA network?! Well actually I never saw or heard of it either. Well, the show is about a doctor that works in the Hamptons and stars Mark Feuerstein. He was the guy who was Mel Gibson's buddy in "What Women Want." Yeah, I don't remember him either. He was also on some show on NBC I can't remember and he was the star of that too. I guess I'll have to google him and put his picture up here.

So given the opportunity of getting to collaborate in such an illustrious production as ROYAL PAINS, why didn't I jump at the opportunity!? See the lovely e mail sent below!

Thank you so much for your submission and interest in the production of USA's 2nd Season hit show "Royal Pains". We will be shooting an amazing vineyard party scene that will feature Hamptons high-society. This will be shooting at The Pelegrini Vineyards at the East End of the North Fork in the Pellegrini Estate. Their website says "Located in Cutchogue, the sunniest town in New York State, with climate and annual rainfall parallel to Bordeaux, France." The green grounds are gorgeous which will set the tone for this upscale event where you must be in attendance! The scene will be shooting on Monday, June 7th.

(I omitteed a bunch of P.R. blabber)

As a heads up- It probably will be very early mornings and we hope that mother nature will give us beautiful weather, but as you know the way film/ television production operates is on a challenging last minute basis. We never know the exact call time until the director sets it the night before the actual shoot. That's why we ask for you to clear your schedule for the shoot day(s) and them we confirm you with a check in # and voice mail # literally the day before you work and you have to call in that night to retrieve the call time as soon as its set by production. The same idea goes to how long the day will be. The director calls a wrap on set each day when they get the shots planned for that day. Therefore in order to be given a spot, you MUST have an open availability on the date in which we confirm.

Thank you so much for your time and participation, we look forward to your response and seeing you on set!

EARLY!?!? ALL DAY AND POSSIBLY ALL WEEK!?!?!?! Um if I'm going to give up a day or possibly a week of my time, it ain't gonna be for a vineyard in Cutchogue where the only celebrity I'm likely to see is someone named Mark Feuerstein for godsakes! I'd rather hang out at the American Hotel on Sunday to listen to Stephen Gaines radio show. Now there is star power!!! Besides if you want to make a series about the Hamptons make set it in a real estate office or a Starbucks! NOW THAT'S THE REAL HAMPTONS!

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mikey doe doe said...

haha! i actually just started watching that show!!