Monday, April 12, 2010

A sign of the Times - Bostwicks gets a make over!!!

One of Three Mile Harbors most notable landmarks has been replaced. The former sign for Bostwick's has been replaced by a subtle but just as large sign for THE BOATHOUSE. Just in case you haven't heard, Michael Gluckman has picked up his shop from The Lodge on Race Lane and moved to the waterfront former home of Bostwicks. He's also done some renovations on the property expanding the back deck behind the bar and enclosed it.. see the photo. According to my friend Rory, the menu will be fresh seafood along with some of your old favorites from the Lodge. This for years has been one of my favorite placed in East Hampton to have dinner at sunset. Gang, we're wishing you guys good luck and throwing in a little reminder.... do soiree Saturdays!!!

Also, another one of my favorites when I can't get into Bostwicks/The Boathouse will probably once again be Harbor Bistro on Three Mile Harbor in the springs. They'll be opening May 8Th. Yes, they too have water views, although not so spectacular. I will also say their food is probably some of the best and most underrated on the east end. Great service too!

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