Friday, August 28, 2009

Who's the real big cheese???

OK, so my abs aren't exactly washboards but I have a good excuse. I am addicted to cheese! Hey, there are worse addictions, right?! RIGHT? Anyway, so when I'm not hanging at Lucy's Whey in East Hampton (I would go to the one in Sag Harbor but I find them nasty and wayyyyyyy overpriced) which is THE BEST CHEESE SHOP on the east end, I'm hitting Citarella's Tutto Italiano on 27 for what has to be the best mozzarella ever!!! It's freshly made by Luigi every Thursday through Sunday. If you're thinking fresh mozzarella big deal, don't judge until you've tried. It is really amazing!!! Don't waste your cheese on a pizza or something like that ... it's meant to be eaten with a fresh tomato or just by itself.

Speaking of pizza don't bother with the pizza at Tutto Italiano, I was once a huge fan of theirs but they've gone wayyy downhill. Also, the guy who makes them is one of the nastiest people I've ever come across. He's always nasty!! He's the Soup Nazi of pizza, only his pizzas aren't' that good!!! So, real quick... who does have good pizza in the Hamptons? It's a tie for a quick slice, Conca Dora in Sag Harbor is the best along with La Parmagina in Southampton. The best restaurant pizza is Sam's in East Hampton. A thin crispy crust and just the perfect combination of cheese and sauce. That's just my two cents. The most disappointing pizza is the new Mezzaluna in Amagansett. It wasn't bad.. but for about $20 for a small personal pizza and a 45 minute wait (after being quoted 15 minutes) it should be great! So that's my two cents for today.

If you have an opinion, let me know. I keep meeting people who say they read my blog and miss it. Well I'm back but I don't know you're reading unless you comment!!! Thanks!!!

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lisa said...

Dont leave out La Capannina in Wainscott!! Delish and lots of slice variety.