Thursday, July 2, 2009

They're being mean to Boo!!!

(getting ready for action and a donut!)

Warning... danger...apparently the town of East Hampton is a little cranky these days and they're aiming their ire at "man's best friend." Did they just say gat that bitch out of here!? Understand, every Saturday and Sunday my girl Boo goes to the beach to hang with her buddies; Bailey, Bailey (yes, apparently that liqueur is quite popular in the Hamptons thus many owners with booze on their brain have named their dogs) Tucker, Woody and Kipper. Well according to the town, you have to be off the beach by 9am. In the past, there was a little room for those of us who have issues with time management.... BUT NO LONGER! Slightly chunky high school students are now making their summer bucks issuing summonses to owners who fail to get their pooches of the beach by 9:01am!!! I know of a few people who have already gotten "busted" and were shocked to see that its not just a fine, YOU HAVE TO MAKE A COURT APPEARANCE! Something tells me, we're about to buy Bill McGintee a better lawyer! Well today's blog is short, sweet and to the point... and yes I told you so!!

Finally a real estate note... I know of a bank owned property south of the highway in the Georgica area. It orignally came onto the market at about 9 million dollars and is now about 50% off. Let me know!!!

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